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About Us


About Us

We specialize in providing music for upscale LGBT wedding clients in the greater Los Angeles area that are passionate about music. All of our DJs have nightclub experience, as well as hundreds of weddings and corporate events under our belt.

We are gay friendly and our ability to read a crowd and adapt our playlist accordingly is second to none! We will work with you and your partner directly to customize a playlist (and timeline) specifically for your wedding, so the music reflects your style and personality.

No "cookie cutter" set lists or lazy DJs here…we believe every client & event is unique so our performance should be as well. We know how to engage a crowd and emcee all the traditional elements but otherwise keep our microphone presence to a minimum.

We have done many past events for the LGBT community, and travel all over Los Angeles but work mostly in West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Malibu, Palos Verdes, Pacific Palisades, Hollywood etc.

We offer straight and gay DJs per your request but the common factor is that all of us LOVE music and would be excited to create the perfect vibe for your special day. If you're looking for an amazing DJ for your Los Angeles area same-sex wedding or special event then we'd be happy to hear from you!

You can see more information about us by checking out our sister company here: HeyMisterDj.Com

Our Clients

Some of our frequent special events clients include: Terranea Resort, The Beverly Hilton, Dreamworks, Sony, Saks Fifth Ave Gap, Nordrstrom, Disney, Fox, Warner Brothers ASCAP, Guess, Fashion Week, Louis Vuitton, Armani Exchange


"Lee was absolutely great to work with. My partner and I are a same-sex couple and it was very important to us to find vendors who were supportive of the LGBT community and who understood that our ceremony/reception would be different than other weddings. He was totally supportive, and really helped us to create an unforgettable day. He really knows music and did a great job of helping us shape the reception so everyone had a great time. Many guests remarked at how great the music was. They helped us with the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception. I didn't have to worry about a thing. They were very professional, super easy to work with, and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend him to anybody (LGBT or not) looking for a DJ."

"Jami & Shelbi"

"We were so pleased with the music and your overall involvement at our wedding. We received many, many compliments on the music and we will definitely recommend you to any of our friends that might need a DJ. "

"Paolo & Ken"


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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Is the DJ willing to meet with you for an interview before you hire them?

Remember, this is your special day and you have every right to make sure you feel comfortable with the individual creating all the energy and excitement at your event. Often times a company will meet with you to discuss your event, but send a different person to actually perform. You should make sure that the person you are meeting is the individual that will arrive for your event. It’s important to get a feel for the personality of the DJ and determine whether he/she will relate well to you and your guests.

Will the person you interview be the person that will perform at your event?

This is one of the more common complaints about the DJ industry today. The person you meet turns out NOT to be the person that actually does your show. Often, you are not made aware of this. Ask the DJ you interview if he/she will be the actual person performing. You need to know this UP FRONT before you sign a contract.

Is the DJ willing to do a site survey of the party space prior to the event?

The DJ should know in advance where he/she is going to set up shop. We personally like to know in advance the route and drive time to the event to make sure we are on time, familiar with the loading procedure; have access to power etc…

How much time do you allow for set up?

Our DJs typically arrive at least 1 hour prior to your event and will be fully sound checked and ready to rock well before the first guest arrives. (This also allows time for trouble shooting any equipment issues)

Will the DJ provide a contract for the event?

Hiring a DJ is a business transaction and should be handled as such. Contracts insure professionalism and security for all parties involved.

Can the DJ supply you with references or letters of recommendation?

What better way to determine a DJ’s credibility that to hear testimonials from satisfied clients?

What kind of experience does the DJ have?

DJs have varying degrees in their style, presentation, and overall music knowledge. Be sure you have found a DJ whose expertise properly matches your needs. How long has the DJ been spinning and is it their primary job or hobby? How many weddings or events a year do they typically play?

Can the DJ run a timeline and facilitate everything without a coordinator?

Ideally you’ll have a coordinator for your event but it’s important to know the DJs style and philosophy on how they work a room and if they are proactive and comfortable getting out from behind the DJ booth to handle things or reactive and just wait to be told what to do.

Does the DJ know how to Beatmatch?

This means mixing each song (club style) in a way so the transitions are smooth and seamless which maintains a better flow and energy level. Beatmatching takes years of practice and if I DJ is unable then their set often feels choppy and disjointed or there may be “dead air” between songs.

How long do you let each song play?

This is something most people don’t think to ask but is very important. Many DJs mix way too fast and lose the crowds attention or don’t allow enough time for people to sing along and enjoy the song while others (who don’t mix) play every song from start to finish even if the song isn’t working and end up losing the dance floor and energy in the room.

Does the DJ use professional equipment?

A DJ will only appear and sound as good as his equipment! Old, worn, and outdated gear will not only be an eyesore at upscale events, but also dramatically reduce the sound quality, and run a higher risk of failure as well.

What is included in your package?

Don’t wait until the big event to realize that you didn’t purchase enough sound, lighting or other effects you may have assumed were included. Don’t feel intimidated if you aren’t familiar with brand names or model numbers. Ask the DJ to walk through and explain what’s included and what each piece of equipment is for. Ask to see a photo of what the equipment setup will look like if you are still unclear.

Does the DJ have a backup plan in case of equipment failure?

Most professional DJs will have backup equipment or a network of resources to call in case of emergency. Making sure that the DJ is using top grade professional equipment will reduce the chances of any problems, but unforeseen circumstances can and do occur.

Will the DJ be willing to play requests and discuss music prior to the event?

Our pricing always includes an initial consultation with your potential DJ and a follow up meeting one week prior to your event to make sure we have everything catered to your taste. In fact we encourage clients to give as much input as they are comfortable with in pre-selecting music for the cocktail hour, dinner, and dancing. ***Regardless of how much pre-planning is done with music, our DJs will always respond to your guest request in a courteous manner and accommodate them whenever possible unless otherwise instructed.

Does the company or DJ have Insurance?

Most responsible business owners carry insurance to protect themselves and their clients. Many venues are now asking for the vendors to provide proof of Liability You should also ask how many DJs they can cover simultaneously on any given date. REMEMBER THE 5 P’S: Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance!


If you're looking for an amazing DJ for your Los Angeles area Same-Sex Wedding or Special Event then we’d be Happy to Hear from You! Give Us a call (310) 591-0988

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